Electric fence for fruit trees

Electric fence for fruit trees

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Tree squirrels Sciurus spp. Keeping the squirrels out of the trees can prove to be a difficult task. A few strands of wire wrapped around the tree and attached to an electric fence charger is one way to limit squirrel damage by making the tree inaccessible to the pests. However, if your tree is near a building or other tall structure, trunk wraps will be mostly ineffective as the squirrel can bypass the trunk by leaping into the tree canopy from the other structure.

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How to fence out bears in New Hampshire | Sort bjørn

The hives are surrounded by an electric fence. Some beekeepers we know have gone all out Fort Knox in terms of fencing.

The objective of the swarm boxes was to capture any bees who got ideas about relocating. Our visitors, the bears, knocked down both swarm boxes—smashing one of them. There was nothing in them—so the loss is just the boxes themselves. These bears must have experience with bee hives and electric fences. I say this, because the fence controller is in a box that looks like a bee hive—and the bear s upended that.

No luck there. But, they it never breached the fence line. The bees remained unmolested. We had a similar visit last year—again they took down the swarm boxes. But so far, the bees are fine. They just demolish the entire hive structure. We are holding our breath, hoping that the bears bear? Der kan man bare se? So we selected a sunny patch further down. Then we put in a pretty standard fence—your basic t-post, four foot fence.

Initially it was electrified for the bees, but later we moved them up the hill. Then we planted our trees. Then the deer came, jumped the fence and ate the tops off of all our baby trees. We pruned as best we could to salvage them and put a wobbly extension on the fence as well as a run of rabbit proof fencing along the bottom. Our wobbly extension sticks and twine held in place with zip ties lasted a couple years, before we had to redo it. The fruit trees survived, and then thrived.

Then, this year, the fence extension started to fall again. The damn deer noted it immediately, hopped it tearing it down even more and did a little of their own winter pruning on the trees again. The good news was that, this time, the trees are much bigger, and the damage far less threatening to the survival of the orchard. It turned out pretty well. This is the result. For those who might need to fortify their own fences, he used PVC pipe parts a reducer that capped the t-post, then a short length of extension and a cap.

Most of the pipe we had leftover from plumbing the house. You could also use clothes line and drill it instead of cutting slots for the tape. With the house and barn built at least usable, if not completely finished , this is the year we want to focus on the garden.

With the new fence in place, our efforts will not be in vain. I suppose it would have been easier, had we known back at the beginning that we needed to protect the garden from leaping deer as well as hopping bunnies, but if we knew then, what we know now, we might have been daunted from even starting. Our biggest garden problem is deer. The deer are also a threat to the orchard saplings. Locally there is a split on the type of fencing or garden protection needed from the deer.

Oh yeah, and from the bunnies, too. Some install tall traditional fencing—at least seven feet tall. Others go the electric route and install a multi-strand electric fence. One neighbor has completely foregone fencing. They protect their garden with a motion detector connected to a sprinkler system.

We walk by regularly and we laugh when our meanderings, on the road, trigger the sprinkler response. Hey, I guess it works! So, I stepped into the vast world of electric fencing. Too many decisions! Is it close enough to the house for AC power? That leaves us with the choice of solar, or DC. Solar sounds so…. I was predisposed to that direction. That leaves us with 12 volt, DC batteries.

The pebble in the shoe of all these plans has been the bees. You see, bees attract bears.A bear fence calls for a minimum of four strands. Some contend that seven is required. Not that appearance is the arbiter, but a seven-strand fence looks like a maximum security prison—minus the razor wire. The fence must deliver a minimum of a one joule charge to dissuade a bear. That same power will make our fence pretty unfriendly to incidental human contact.

We worry about the cats. All of this has been Greek to me. For every fencing option, there are at least three alternate opinions. Unfortunately, our tailored needs will make it near to impossible to pick anything up second-hand. I have about a week to make up my mind. By then, our seedlings will be busting out of their pots, begging for a permanent home in the garden. And right after that, about the first week in June, the bees will arrive.

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Bear Necessities: Electric Fence Workshop

Squirrels are sneaky bandits who will raid your garden and run off with the goods. There are several species of squirrels in North America. The grey squirrel is found throughout the lower 48 and is the one most likely to be stealing from your garden. This is actually good for the environment as it spreads seeds throughout the area and provides winter food for other animals. Here are some humane ways to handle your squirrel problems. Squirrels are opportunistic omnivores. In the wild squirrels eat a variety of vegetation, fruits, insects, and even bird eggs.

Hej alle. we have a small grove of fruit/nut trees about 10 metres I was thinking of putting a 3 wire electric fence around them say at.

Fruit tree - wire cages or electric fencing

Deer and elk feed on grasses, shrubs and trees. They chew buds, spurs, shoots and leaves of all varieties of fruit trees. Small damaged trees may never develop into commercially productive plants. Antler rubbing may break branches and remove bark. Fencing is the best control method for severe damage; repellents may be adequate to control light or occasional damage. A properly built and maintained fence is the most effective and the only long term solution to excluding deer from orchards. Scare devices, repellents and shooting are short term, less effective methods for protecting trees. Repellents should be applied when deer damage is first noticed and when temperatures are above freezing. There are a number of repellent products available - human hair, soap, feather meal, blood meal, and commercial chemical repellents.

Pest Patrol

Electric fencing is a safe and effective way to protect your livestock, fruit trees and apiaries from wildlife. The money spent on an electric fence will not only protect your investment, it will also give you peace of mind. In addition, you will help prevent the needless destruction of wildlife such as bears. Before installing a fence remember to " Call Before You Dig " at

I wouldn't count on Granny! Fencing behind trees?

Electric Fences Make Good Neighbours—for People and Bears

Spring til navigation. Deer can cause serious injury in New England orchards. White tailed deer is native to our region, and is abundant in most orchard growing regions. They browse orchard trees at any time of year, but feeding is especially intense in late winter and spring. In late winter, deer have depleted most or all of their fat reserves and are starving. The bucks in particular have their highest food consumption in spring.

Private Landowners: the Electric Fence Incentive Program is Ready for Spring 2016

Protecting your investment from the predations of deer and other pests is an important consideration in the design and overall cost of your orchard. There are several different options for fencing and deer deterence. Spring til hovedindhold. Home Contact Us Login. Enter your keywords.

He used an electric fence charger- not sure what kind. above, or run through it) and will have to be reconfigured once the trees fruit.

Coping with Deer in Gardens

Orders or questions? Deer love eating apples and apple trees. Many plant apple trees for themselves, some for wildlife, including deer.

Electric Fencing Incentive Program

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Ved at installere elektrificeret hegn omkring deres ejendom nægtes bjørne adgang til moden frugt, en stærk tiltrækkende. Når sorte bjørne begynder deres forberedelse til dvaletilstand, vil de se efter lette måltider, og disse frugttræer er et førsteklasses mål. Denne hegn vil holde bjørnerne væk og give adelsmændene mulighed for at reducere deres økonomiske tab, hvilket var betydningsfulde sidste år. Jeg vil gerne takke forsvarere af Wildlife og Natural Resources Defense Council for at have samarbejdet med os om denne indsats, såvel som for forpligtelsen fra ædle frugtplantager til at finde en vej til løsning af dyrelivskonflikt sammen. Vi anbefaler ofte hegn som en forebyggende foranstaltning, og denne kooperative indsats vil hjælpe med at gøre dette til et levedygtigt projekt. Skadetabet udgjorde over 2.

Af: Cornbread -dato: Må jeg for nylig fået nogle Dunstan -kastanjetræer sammen med nogle æble- og pæretræer. Alle er fødder høje.

Ultra-bærbart elektrisk hegnskit-15 ′ x 15 ′

Hej alle. Possums kommer ind om natten og beskadiger dem. Jeg har skudt et par og fanget et par flere, men der ser ud til at være en uendelig forsyning af buggerne. Jeg tænkte på at lægge et 3 -ledningselektrisk hegn omkring dem siger på MM, MM og MM. Der er et 8 kV elektrisk hegn i nærheden, jeg kan køre en ledning fra, og ingen træer lukker de kan hoppe fra. Området er ca. 12 m med 20 m, så jeg er ikke Kean på at købe masser af specialbygget netting, hvis jeg kan hjælpe det. Har nogen prøvet dette?

Elektrisk hegn

Sorte bjørne kan forårsage materielle skader - inklusive tab af kyllinger, bikuber, små husdyr og værdsatte frugttræer - som kan være både økonomisk og følelsesmæssigt dræning. Elektrisk hegn har vist sig at være det mest effektive værktøj til at holde bjørne fra næsten alt. I partnerskab med Colorado Parks and Wildlife har Bear Smart Durango indledt et elektrisk hegn incitamentsprogram, der sigter mod at give op til 20 La Plata County jordsejere med incitamenter til at installere småskala, baghaven elektriske hegnssystem Træer, husdyr og mere fra bjørne.

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