How to care for a tomato plant indoors

How to care for a tomato plant indoors

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Growing tomatoes indoors will give you a bumper crop of plump, juicy tomatoes earlier in the season. Here you'll discover the best varieties, how to grow tomatoes indoors under lights, when to transplant seedlings, when to fertilize and more. Look for baby or patio tomatoes in the name to ensure you're getting the small size fruit that grows well in small containers. Grape , cherry and cherry romas produce small fruit. Good cultivars for growing tomatoes indoors include 'Sweet ', 'Pixie', 'Tiny Tim' and many others. How to sow tomato seed: Fill seed trays or small pots with moist, sterilized potting mix.

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Growing tomatoes from seed: A step-by-step guide

Garden-fresh tomatoes are extremely versatile and adaptable to any cuisine, from salads to salsa to piping-hot tomato sauce. With a wide variety of tomatoes available, there is no reason not to grow this popular nightshade in the home garden. But, while tomatoes are a low-maintenance summer vegetable, there are some things every gardener needs to know in order to grow them successfully. Follow this guide to select the right variety for your needs, practice proper planting and maintenance, and eliminate pests quickly to grow healthy tomato plants all summer long.

With hundreds of tomato varieties available 1 , choosing the right one can be a little overwhelming. Before you decide on a variety, learn the growing habits and climate requirement for each, and plan on how you'll use each type.

Select a location in full sun for tomato plants. After the last chance of frost has passed, prepare a space in the garden with a tiller or by loosening the soil with a shovel. Remove all grass and weeds, and then add amendments, such as Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum. This product starts working immediately to promote fast, healthy root growth by loosening compacted soil, giving tomatoes the drainage they require. Apply up to one week before planting, to provide the nutrients tomato plants need to grow strong.

This low-odor product is made with fish, kelp and other natural ingredients. Plant spacing varies, depending on the variety of tomato, but, as a general rule, space 24 to 36 inches apart in rows 4 to 5 feet apart. Back fill the hole with soil and gently pack the dirt around the stem with your hands. Water thoroughly after planting, and then put support structures — stakes or cages, depending on the tomato variety — in place.

Tomatoes require 1 to 2 inches of water per week. To encourage a healthy root system, water infrequently but deeply, rather than daily and lightly. This product includes bone meal for added calcium, which helps to prevent blossom end rot. Pruning tomatoes encourages healthy production and provides better air flow between plants, which helps prevent disease and limit pest problems. Prune indeterminate varieties by pinching off all suckers from the second flower cluster down. While tomatoes don't attract a lot of pests, there are a few insects that can cause major damage if not immediately controlled.

Slugs and snails like to eat tomatoes because they are a succulent fruit. Visible signs can be mucin trails or holes in your fruits. This will immediately stop slugs and snails from feeding and end plant damage. Tomatoes come off the vine easily. Simply hold the tomato and gently twist it to remove it from the vine, or use sharp, clean pruning shears to cut the stem. Harvest tomatoes when they feel firm, but not solid. When you give the fruit a squeeze, it should have a little give.

It is better to harvest fruit a little too early than too late. Leave almost-ripe fruit on a windowsill for a day or two to allow it completely ripen. Whether you're dreaming of grilled stuffed beefsteak tomatoes or sun-dried cherry tomatoes, you can grow tasty tomatoes all summer long by selecting the right variety, location and products to keep your plants healthy.

Pennington is a registered trademark of Pennington Seed, Inc. Sevin is a registered trademark of Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc.Do you enjoy the uplifting show of spring bulbs every year? During the winter months, as outdoor gardens and flower beds sit dormant, many gardeners truly miss tending to and nurturing their plants.

With flamboyant, whorled flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds, hibiscus H. How to Plant, Grow and Maintain Tomatoes. Selecting the Right Variety With hundreds of tomato varieties available 1 , choosing the right one can be a little overwhelming.

Growing habit : From the tiny 'Micro-Tom' tomato to the many types that produce vines up to 12 feet in length 2 , there is a tomato variety for every garden space. When shopping for tomatoes, pay close attention to the descriptions; all tomatoes are labeled as either determinate or indeterminate. Determinate varieties, which grow to different but limited heights, are perfect for small spaces and produce all their fruit in a short period of time 3 , usually a few weeks, regardless of growing region.

They require minimal support and are good for gardeners who preserve tomatoes, because they produce a lot of ripe fruit at once. Indeterminate varieties produce fruit for as long as conditions are favorable.

While they don't offer a lot of fruit at once, indeterminate varieties offer a steady supply of fruit throughout the growing season. These tomato plants require significantly more space than determinate varieties, and the use of heavy-duty cages. Because most heirloom varieties are indeterminate 4 ,those who want to grow these older — and widely considered more flavorful — types should reserve plenty of room in their gardens.

Climate requirements : Consider your geographical location before selecting a tomato variety. For gardeners in northern regions, there are a number of cold-tolerant, short-season options, such as the Stupice Tomato, which matures quickly at days.

Gardeners in southern regions should look for varieties that specify tolerance to heat and humidity, such as the Sun Gold tomato. For example, Amish Paste is regarded as an excellent sauce variety, while the Big Beef tomato is a popular slicing type. Maintaining Plants Tomatoes require 1 to 2 inches of water per week.

Koske, Alan L. Morgan, Charles Overstreet, Donald M. Pennington Fertilizer Resources. How to Grow Flowers, Herbs and Vegetables Indoors During the winter months, as outdoor gardens and flower beds sit dormant, many gardeners truly miss tending to and nurturing their plants.

How to Grow Vibrant Hibiscus With flamboyant, whorled flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds, hibiscus H.

Starting tomatoes indoors

JavaScript ser ud til at være deaktiveret i din browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The lure of growing your own organic, sun-ripened tomatoes is what gets many of us into veggie gardening - even when our only growing space is a pot. Here are some simple tips to ensure that you avoid the common mistakes and enjoy a good crop of tasty tomatoes, even if you are restricted to growing a plant in a pot. Tomatoes are large, vigorous plants that need a decent-sized pot filled with good potting mix. Fill your pot with a good-quality vegetable potting mix look for one that meets the Australian Standard. If you are just starting out, buy an advanced seedling in a small pot, but steer away from seeds or small seedlings.

Yes, tomato plants love the outdoors, but you can grow them indoors, too. Even though they take longer to grow and they grow smaller and produce less fruit than.

How to plant, grow & care for tomatoes

Spring til indhold. Skip to navigation. Støttet af United Way of King County. Are you interested in growing flavorful, vibrant tomatoes at home? Here are some techniques to improve soil quality, create a tropical paradise for your tomatoes and extend your growing season. While the beauty, taste and nutritional qualities of home grown tomatoes far surpass those of store-bought, local gardeners are often challenged growing tomatoes by our cool spring temperatures. To improve your changes of a bountiful harvest, the goal is to plant early , while applying some tricks to keep your tomatoes happy and healthy until the weather significantly warms. Try one or all, the benefits are cumulative. For those interested in gro wing tomatoes in containers, many of these tips can be modified with excellent results.

The Easiest Tomatoes to Grow Indoors (Complete Guide)

Growing Tomatoes Indoors:. Growing tomatoes under LED grow lights has many advantages that encourage my year round participation in the activity. I have been growing vegetables indoors and outdoors for over 15 years and in that amount of time, the produce I harvest is often better than what I could have purchased at the local market. The yield I get is a product of my time and effort which always adds to the reward.

Marts måned er normalt tiden for gartnere i det sydlige Nevada at plante tomater.


Selv med temperaturen, der falder udenfor, er indendørs klima varme nok til at understøtte tomatplanter denne tid af året. De rigtige forsyninger og en rigelig mængde sollys er alt hvad du behøver for at producere en lækker forsyning, der vil vare hele sæsonen. Brug denne vejledning til at dyrke dine egne tomater indendørs. Dette betyder at finde et sted i dit hjem, der understøtter væksten af ​​tomatplanter og derefter sikre, at de rette værktøjer er til rådighed for at hjælpe med at sikre et vellykket resultat. Uden de naturlige forhold i det udendørs skal du hjælpe med spiring og pollinering samt vanding og dreje planterne.

Indendørs tomater

Tomaten er sandsynligvis den mest dyrkede grøntsag af hjemmegartneren på grund af dens fødevareværdi, mange anvendelser og relativ lette kultur Figur 1. Oprindelse i Mellem- og Sydamerika blev tomaten tamet i Mexico. Der er mange relaterede vilde arter i Sydamerika. Tomaten blev først introduceret til De Forenede Stater i S. Det blev engang antaget af de tidlige amerikanske kolonister at være giftige. Thomas Jefferson var en af ​​de første til at dyrke tomater, der blev kaldt "Love Apples" på det tidspunkt. Tomaten blev ikke genkendt som en nyttig grøntsag, før s.

Det første år endte jeg med at dyrke en lang række tomatplanter i og er super lette at bruge (ingen grund til at tage frostdæksler til og fra hver dag).

Hvordan man dyrker tomater indendørs som en professionel

Så du kan undre dig over, hvad er fordelene ved at starte disse grøntsager fra frø? Den første grund, der kommer til at tænke på, er, at det at starte dine egne tomater fra frø derhjemme er en god måde at spare penge på, hvilket efterlader plads i dit havearbejdsbudget til andre ting. Vi linker til leverandører for at hjælpe dig med at finde relevante produkter. Hvis du køber fra et af vores links, kan vi tjene en provision.

Hvordan man flytter din yndlings tomatplante indendørs til vinteren

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Tomater er hjemmehørende i Amerika og en favorit til at vokse i hjemmehaver. De er fulde af C -vitamin, jern og protein. De dyrkes let i vores maritime klima. Sorter er der fem store frugtformer, der adskiller sig mellem sorter af tomater; Cherry, Plum, Pear, Standard og Beefsteak. Blomme- og pæretomaterne er frugtformerne som beskrevet og vejer mellem 2 til 6 ounces. Standard tomater er runde til klodeform, der vejer 4 til 8 ounces.

Sådan planter du dine tomater og høster røde og velsmagende frugter.

Smagen af ​​hjemmevoksede tomater er uovervindelig, ingen butik, der er købt tomat, kan nogensinde konkurrere med en tynd flået sort plukket frisk og sol varm fra vinstokken. Tomater er også fyldt med antioxidanter og er rige på vitaminer A og C og Lycopen, hvilket hjælper med at stimulere din krops immunsystem. Tip: Vælg en sort, der er egnet til at vokse i containere eller hænge kurve, f.eks. Tumbling Tom Red eller Totem F1. Find ud af om venner og medlemmer. Vil du modtage Thrive's e-nyhedsbrev?

Ude, ryst det hele om - mine tomatfrøplanter flyttes indendørs og ud for at hærde dem af. En opvaskning af skålen gør en billig, sikker transportør. Tilbage ind, det år, jeg begyndte at blogge, skrev jeg om tomater. Tretten år senere fortsætter jeg stadig med tomater.