Can i cut my indoor plants in winter

Can i cut my indoor plants in winter

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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Gardening has a pendulum element. Canadians do not suddenly garden outdoors, then indoors overnight. You might be raking leaves one day and repottiing your hoya indoors the next, then planting a tree the following day. Your indoor tropical plants are going through many changes, much like outdoor plants are.

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Leaf damage on houseplants

Container plants should be regularly re-potted into containers of fresh potting mix. Large indoor houseplants don't need repotting as regularly as smaller indoor houseplants as long as they are fertilised regularly. A plant will grow as big as the pot you put it in so if you want the plant to grow bigger, repot it every years. July-August is generally a good time. Light: The more light the plants get the better. Place on a window sill, bench or table where possible to allow light to access your plants.

Observation: Observation is important - it is a good idea to look over your plants every couple of weeks and check for any issues. To help you remember when you last checked over your plants, try marking it on the calendar. Grooming: Keep your plants looking great by grooming. As the leaves are the main part of the plant visible take time to keep them looking in tip top shape.

Watering: Plants grown in containers require more regular watering in summer and less frequent watering in winter. If you're not sure whether to water your plant, touch the surface of the mix and if it feels dry, water. Feeding: Plants use nutrients from the soil as they grow, so replenishing the nutrients ensures your plants remain healthy.

They require less feeding over winter, so it's a good idea to give them a boost pre-winter and they'll welcome a top up when spring arrives. I have an Anthurium of which the leaves turn brown at the tips which progresses if left and eventually dies.

The plant is otherwise fairly healthy but is unsightly. Hi Gordon, the burnt leaves could be from direct sunlight, lack of water or lack of fertiliser or a combination of all of these things. Suggest you re-pot your plant and place it somewhere away from direct sunlight and allow it to recover. A drench with Seasol seaweed based plant toinic once a month will help revive it.

Feed with Tui NovaTec Premium fertiliser. Alt det bedste. Thanks, Jenna - Tui Team. Hi there, I want to put two large pots inside for privacy in a conservatory window which is cold and moist in winter and hot in summer. Any ideas on what to plant please? Mange tak. Hi Chris, good question. You could try Abutilon?

Both cope with your conditions. To ensure the best results use a quality potting mix, this will ensure your plants have the nutrients and requirements to thrive. Gordon thanks for asking that question as I have the same problem. Thought it was result of having gas heating!

Daughter has large plant that lives in full sunlight and she drowns it every so often!! Can't win them all I guess!! I recently got given bean seedlings and thought it was to cold to plant them out as its snowing here so had them inside the front door. The edges of the leaves started burning and curling up so I put them in the porch and now it's growing crazily.. Some plants just like the cold better. A few of my pot plants are showing mould. Should I repot and what causes this?

Hi Honor, is the mould on the leaves or around the plant? Try and ensure your plants have adequate air flow to stop mould. Also the more light the plants get the better. If it is on the leaves you can give them a gentle clean. All the best, Tui Team. I have a maidenhair fern in bathroom that keeps getting little black bugs on it, what are these and how do I treat it please? Hi Nicola, it sounds like you may have black aphids, these are common in ferns.

On the plant at anyone time will be adults, eggs and young aphids, therefore treating them is a 3 stage process, choose an insect spray which indicates it controls aphids and spray accordingly.

I have a Burned monstera leave, it got scorched by the sun.Can it be safed or should I cut it off? Would it regrow? Hi Nancy, remove the scorched leaf as it will not recover. The plant will send out a new leaf. I have an African violet plant that was my mums who recently passed away.

It is looking very sick and the leaves are dark and drying out. I read on the internet to put crushed egg shell in the soil which doesn't seem to have done any thing. I was a beautiful lush plant that flowered all the time.

I know I have to water it from the saucer underneath - what am I doing wrong? Hi Rachel, the secret to growing African Violets is to find the right position indoors where it gets plenty of bright light, but not direct sunlight and warm temperatures. They don't like sudden drops in temperature, or cold draughts. African Violets do not like 'wet feet', avoid overwatering and leaving the plant sitting in a saucer of water, allow the surface of the potting mix to dry out between watering, and water from the base, you can water from the top, just don't get the leaves wet as this leaves marks on the leaves.

Water with tepid water, not cold water. Feed regularly with a specialty African Violet plant food, a liquid food is best, that can be mixed with water and applied.

The plant may benefit from being repotted, use a quality mix such as Tui Indoor Plant mix , it is free draining, and has the right blend of nutrients for flowering plants. Place it back into the same pot, they like to be a little bit root or pot bound. If you can find the right position for the plant, then you are half way there to African Violet growing success.

My Mother-in-laws tongue seems to be overwatered in winter and underwatered in summer. How do I get the watering balance right? Hi Sue, you don't say if your Sanseveria Mother-in-Laws tongue is indoors in a pot or outdoors in the garden or in a pot.

If it is indoors in a pot allow the surface of the mix to dry out between watering, you can test by pushing your index finger into the surface of the mix, if it feels dry, water, if it feels moist, wait another day or så. In winter water once a month, depending on what the temperatures indoors are like, almost allow the mix to dry out between watering. If the plant is outdoors in the garden it is pretty hard to stop the plant getting watered when it rains, consider lifting and potting into a trough or container, this way there will be more control over the amount of water the plant receives.

If it is in a pot outdoors, try and move the pot in winter so that the plant is getting minimal water. The same applies as for indoor plants, allow the surface of the mix to dry out between watering. Avoid wetting the heart of the plant when watering. Every plant has specific needs and requirements to ensure it grows healthy. More than the soil and light, it is also important to choose a spot or place where houseplants can adapt and eventually thrive.

Thank you for sharing this informative post! Top Tips for Indoor Plants Like. Just like plants growing outdoors, indoor plants also need regular TLC.

See our tips below for keeping your indoor plants in top shape. Caring for your indoor plants Light: The more light the plants get the better. Dust particles can cling to plant leaves and block the leaf pores.

Every now and again spray a fine mist of tepid water over the leaves to unclog the pores and gently wipe with a soft cloth. Alternatively place the plant outside in gentle rain this is a ideal for plants with smaller leaves that are harder to clean , gently hose down plants with the hose, or place the plant in the shower and then allow to dry.

Furry and hairy plants, cactus and succulents prefer less water - use a soft brush to brush dust off the leaves. Professional leaf sprays and wipes are available to help clean and add shine to plant leaves. Tidy up plants by deadheading flowers once they have finished. Remove old or unhealthy looking leaves and check for any signs of insect pests and diseases in case they are the reason behind the leaves. Prune plants if they are losing form or shape and just looking generally untidy.

Pruning will help keep the plant more balanced with strong growth. Directions for re-potting plants: Your new container should be approximately 25mm wider than the root ball of the plant.

Water plants thoroughly before re-potting and allow to drain. Partly fill your container with Tui Indoor Plant Mix. Turn the plant out of its current container and loosen the root ball gently, removing any loose roots or dead plant material. Position the plant in the centre of the new container.

Fill your container with Tui Indoor Plant Mix up to 3cm from the top. The mix should be at the same level on the plant as it was in the previous container. Press the mix around base of plant. Tap the pot gently to settle the mix. Water your plant well.

How to Care for House Plants

Put the shears down.Nætterne bliver længere, temperaturerne bliver koldere, og haven ser dyster ud. Der er ingen tvivl om det – vinteren kommer, og din have får brug for lidt hjælp. Selvom ikke-planteelskere måske ikke er klar over det, er vinteren en meget travl tid i haven, selvom de fleste planter er i dvale. Vinteren er, når du skal rydde op i bede, skære prydgræsser og stauder ned, pleje buske, og der er planter, du altid bør beskære om vinteren, vi har en liste lige her. Mens mange planter og træer kan og bør beskæres om efteråret eller vinteren, før den nye sæsons vækst begynder og efter årets sidste opblomstring, er der andre planter, der absolut bør stå i fred. Mens sommerblomstrende buske kan beskæres i slutningen af ​​vinteren eller det tidlige forår, inkluderer vi dem her, da det er et stort nej-nej at hente saksen midt i den kolde årstid.

"Folk vil sige til mig, 'Jeg har klæbrige ting på mit figentræ eller hvidt eller i det mindste tage en stikling af planten for at starte en ny.

8 regler for overvintrende planter i en garage eller kælder

Nyder du det opløftende show af forårsløg hvert år? I vintermånederne, da udendørs haver og blomsterbede sidder i dvale, savner mange gartnere virkelig at passe og pleje deres planter. Med flamboyante, hvirvlende blomster, der tiltrækker sommerfugle og kolibrier, hibiscus H. Sådan redder du brunspidsede planter. Når bladspidserne på dine yndlingsplanter bliver brune, er det nemt at skyde skylden på sygdomme eller skadedyr. Men den virkelige synder bag disse bekymrende symptomer er normalt ukorrekt pleje - så svært som det end kan være at acceptere. Uanset om problemet opstår på indendørs eller udendørs planter, kan valg af det forkerte middel få dine planter til at falde i stå.

9 must-know tips til pleje af dine stueplanter om vinteren

Af Doug Jimerson Over tid kan nogle stueplanter vokse sig så store, at opdeling af dem i mindre stykker er den bedste måde at holde dem glade, så de ikke kvæler sig selv i deres potter. Her er vores tips til at spotte en stueplante, der skal deles med nogle nemme trin til, hvordan du deler dine stueplanter. Det tager heldigvis ikke meget tid at dele stueplanter, så det er hurtigt og nemt at gøre. Og at dele dine stueplanter kan gøre en verden til forskel for deres sundhed og generelle udseende. At dele eller ikke at dele Ikke alle stueplanter skal deles.


Pas på dine stueplanter

Disse hårdføre planter vil hjælpe med at grønnere dit rum selv i de lavere lyse, koldere måneder. At være plantedame har altid givet mig en masse glæde, men det har især været rart at have planter omkring mig, når jeg bruger mere tid derhjemme. At have noget at passe på og følge med har været produktivt, betryggende og stabiliserende i tider, hvor det kan føles svært at tage en pause. Derudover er det et godt sted at kanalisere min energi, der ikke er så involveret som et "rigtigt" kæledyr. Men igen, hvem siger, at planter ikke er rigtige kæledyr?

Sådan gemmer du planter med brun tip

Chris Collins, leder af økologisk gartneri hos Garden Organic, brænder for den positive indvirkning af stueplanter på mental sundhed. Find ud af, hvordan du bedst dyrker dine stueplanter med hans tips om vinterpleje af stueplanter. Du bliver fortrolig med dem som individer, når du ser dem blive større og udvikler et personligt forhold til dem. Det stresser mig virkelig af om aftenen. Disse planter blødgør hårdheden af ​​værelser og udstråler en følelse af fred. Husplanters vækst aftager dramatisk om vinteren, med de kortere dage og lavere lysniveauer. Stueplanter kan klare dette uden problemer, men opmærksomhed på vanding og temperaturniveauer er afgørende. Pludselige ændringer i temperaturen vil få bladene til at falde eller brune rundt om kanterne.

En af fordelene ved at bringe planter indendørs til vinteren er, at de kan vokse sig meget større med tiden, så den lille potteplante har du nu.

Vinterpleje af stueplanter – Sådan holder du dem i live

Hvert år på dette tidspunkt bliver jeg overrasket over den brogede gruppe af containere, der har samlet sig i min kælder til opbevaring gennem vinteren. Selvom rummet er køligt og mørkt, vil de være trygge og glade gennem vinteren der, med minimal pleje. Her er et par tips til overvintring af planter i en garage eller kælder, jeg lærte gennem forsøg og fejl. Jeg havde engang et hus med tilhørende uopvarmet garage, der fungerede godt.

Sådan forbereder du dine indendørs planter til vinteren

Plus, der er færre skadedyr, ingen svampemyg! Hvis du vil lære mere om planter, der vokser i vand, så læs videre! Der er mange grunde til at inkludere planter, der vokser i vand i din indendørs have. Her er fem fordele ved at dyrke planter som hjertebladsfilodendron og gylden pothos i vand. Enhver vase, glas, krukke eller flaske kan bruges til at dyrke planter. Når jeg vælger en beholder, forsøger jeg at matche den til plantens størrelse.

Denne måneds blog handler om pleje af indendørs planter om vinteren, noget vi alle kunne bruge lidt hjælp til! I vintermånederne går et stort antal planter i dvale for at få en velfortjent hvile.

Sådan hjælper du en plante med at vokse flere grene En trin-for-trin guide

En solrig vindueskarm er alt hvad du behøver for at dyrke dine drømmes køkkenhave. Mange af dine foretrukne urter som persille, basilikum og timian vil trives indendørs med den rette pleje. Hold høstsæsonen i gang hele vinteren og smag dine yndlingssupper, grøntsager, stege og mere til med en uendelig forsyning af friskplukkede blade. Få alle detaljer om, hvordan du bedst starter, plejer og bruger din indendørs urtehave nedenfor med 10 fantastiske plantesorter til pleje indeni. Med den rette mængde vand og solskin kan du springe lugten over og gå direkte i gang med at høste. Som en generel grøn tommelfingerregel skal du placere dine urter på et sted, der får mindst seks timers sol dagligt. For at teste solens styrke foreslår Bonnie Plants, at du slukker alt lys på en solrig eller delvist solrig dag og med jævne mellemrum tjekker, hvor naturligt sollys der er.

Meget af naturens naturskønne skønhed er blevet erstattet af tætbefolkede områder, der breder sig milevidt fra bycentre. Denne visuelle forurening påvirker os alle og efterlader os med en længsel efter en tættere forbindelse med naturen. Vi bruger omkring 90 procent af vores tid indendørs. Indvendige planter er en ideel måde at skabe attraktive og afslappende omgivelser, samtidig med at vi forbedrer vores følelse af velvære.